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What is Image resizer?

When we are working with a live server, file size matters too much. Sometimes we have a very large image size and we use the same image by decreasing the size with code, but it contains same storage size. In these situations, this free online image resizer becomes very handy. You can simply use our tool and decrease image size by resizing it.

Photo resizer by Yooimage is a free online tool which uses a smart technique to resize your photos fast and simply. It's totally free and straightforward. You don't need to go through any registration process, you can simply open your browser, come to and resize your photos in a fraction of a second.

There are many online tools available for this purpose, but finding a free, fast and secure one is really difficult. That's why we made this tool for our own use. Then we realized the need for this tool online, so we launched it at Yooimage for the general public. We at Yooimage believe that user privacy and security comes first. Keeping that in mind, we manage our tools in a way that we don't store users' activities, we don't store user data and we don't store pictures processed by users on our server. We don't need your data for advertising. Pictures processed with our online tools remain in our server for just one hour to provide you with a downloadable link. After one hour, your processed images will automatically be removed from our server. We can't see it, we can't share it.

Why Reduce size of your Image?

While dealing with limited storage space, we face this issue. Let's say we take website developers as an example. Developers deal with too much content while developing a website. For new or low budget projects, usually a basic hosting package is used and managing all contents of websites, with limited storage is really a problem. A website consists of many pictures like icons, thumblines, banners, logos and many, many more, That large amount of photos takes too much storage on a limited storage server. In that condition, these free online tools like photo compressing and photo resizing prove to be really life saver. It saves you a lot of money which you'll spend on servers, and instead of that you can spend that money on marketing.

For compressing pics, we already have a brilliant Image Compressing tool. This reduces the size of your JPG, PNG, GIF and WEBP photos by more than half and saves you storage up to 60% without losing the quality of content. For resizing, we made this tool so you don't need to put a large image for the icon, logo and thumbnail, you can resize it and save so much storage.

Why Photo compressor by Yooimage?

There are many tools available online. Finding fast and secure is a difficult task, but not anymore. We at Yooimage have a goal to provide our users with the best free online image tools and this resizing tool is one of those. We've many tools available and many more to come. We take user privacy and experience as our first priority. We make tools which are fast and easy to use. No registration not fee you can process your image in few seconds. This resizer comes with many plus points.

Perfect Quality Image:

Pictures resized with our free tool do not have an effect on their quality. Quality of image would be same as It was original. It will reduce the picture pixel size according to your entered size.

Lightning Fast:

This is the fastest resizer tool available online. It is highly scaleable tool process you photo in a fraction of second.

Easy to Use:

With a user friendly UI, this tool is really easy to use. We kept it clean and simple. Even a kid can use it easily.

Works Everywhere:

It works on every platform and device no matter desktop or mobile. Basically it is a browser base application it doesn't matter on which operating system you are using it on.

Content Secured:

User privacy is our first priority. Images processed with it are secured. Even we can't see or share your pictures. Photos are stored in our server just for one hour to provide you with downloadable link. After one hour your photos will automatically be removed from our server.

Totally Free:

And YES, It is totally free. We don't requires our user to buy any package or go through any subscription for using our service.

How to Resize Pic on Yooimage?

Yooimage made it really simple to resize photos. With simple and clean UI you can process your picture within few seconds. You just need to follow these simple processes to make it work:

Step 1: Click on the drage box above.

Step 2: Select Image you want to resize and upload ( PNG, JPG). You can also drag and drop you desired image in the abovee dotted box.

Step 3: Select width and height in which size you want to resize.

Step 4: Select whether you want to follow the aspect ratio of not. If this option is disabled your image's aspect ratio will be strictly resized ignoring your image that can probably affect image quality, And if it's enabled it'll keep the image in its original form while resizing.

What is Aspect Ratio of a Picture?

Aspect Ratio is considered as proportional relationship between the width of a photo and height of the photo. It is usually written as two values separated with colon (:) like 7:6. While resizing your img it depends on you whether you want to lock this aspect ratio or not. If Aspect Ratio is locked result of processing image will be same as original but in a different size. And it is not locked, it'll strickly follow your entered height and process the image. Quality of image may different in result becuase tool is not following aspect ratio. It's all depend on you.

Yooimage is collection of free online image tools. Tools which are easy to use, fast and secure. We highly focused on user privacy and content security, we don't see or share your data.