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Only HEX to RGB Converter that you need

Let's see a use code for this as a web developer. You are working on a blog, e-commerce or a simple landing page. And you have colour pattern of logo and you want to follow the colour pattern in you site. On some section of your site you need lighter or on some section you need darker shade of colour. And you have HEX code and you are not a designer you use simple MS paint for getting your shades. But MS Paint uses rgb for colours So what you'll do then you'll use our HEX to RGB convertion tool and simplet get your rgb code an use that into MS Paint.

Other example we can take is, if you are developing a site and you don't have designer for some reason you need to create a icon with same color scheme of site. You just need one icon on your page so you don't need to attached whole icons library on your site. You can create that icon in MS Paint. But you need RGB for MS Paint to match color scheme and you have HEx code. So in that situation you can use our tool to converte you HEX code in RGB.

What is RGB?

In this digital world, every thing we see on computer or mobile contains colours. These colors are made of RGB which are R = Red , G = Green and B = Blue. All colours are made up of combination of these colors. It seems really interesting. Different composition of these three colours make all colours we see now. RGB usually comes in range of 0-255 and written as rgb(255,0,255). Combination of these three colours represent different colours. Other term which is used is HEX it also represent color. Like #ffffff is code of white and #000000 is code for black.

What is HEX?

Same like RGB, HEX is also used to represent a color. It code containing six letters starting with hashtag (#). For example #ffffff is used to represent white color and code #000000 is used to represent black color. This 6-digit combination of RGB misture is expressed as HEX. This code usually used by web developers and designers. HEX has some benifits. It is minimized code easy to analyze than RGB code. It also effect on website load time it approve load time slightly.

Why use RGB TO HEX converter by Yooimage?

As we at yooimage highly focus on user experience and privacy. We made this tool really easy to use and fast. Even any of our tool whether its Image compressor or Image resizer are really easy to use. We don't charge our user to use our service. We don't require our user to go throught annoying registration process just to use our service. This tool is really useful for web designer and devlopers. For example if you want to add color opacity, you don't need to add any extra css code. You just need to convert you HEX code into RGB and apply opacity on it.

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